Mulika Afrika


About Us

Mulika Afrika was established in 2017 by a group of Tanzanian professionals who saw the challenges faced by the Maasai community, particularly in accessing quality education and basic services. Our organisation is dedicated to empowering women and girls in rural Maasai areas through education, training, and access to resources, while also promoting environmental conservation and poverty alleviation.

Community Services

Environmental Conservation

Understanding that the Masai community heavily depends on natural resources for their livelihoods, we work with community members to promote sustainable practices such as tree planting and water resource conservation.


We believe education is a tool to empower the Maasai community, particularly young girls, to achieve their dreams in social, political, and economic spheres. We support education scholarships for Maasai girls from destitute families, provide mentorship training for girls, including life skills for self-awareness and employment, and support education infrastructures in public schools in Maasai Communities.

Empowering Women and Girls.

Mulika Afrika focuses on ending harmful traditional practices such as FGM and early marriages. We work tirelessly with local leaders and communities to raise awareness about the dangers of these practices and promote alternative rites of passage for girls. We empower girls through education and skills training, helping them avoid early marriages and pursue their dreams.


We strive to increase accessibility, uptake, and quality of healthcare services for rural Maasai communities in Tanzania, with a focus on sexual reproductive health (SRH) education and services.

Land Rights Advocacy

We support women and girls in their struggle for land possession. We educate both men and women on the rights of women to own and defend their land rights, and promote the inclusion of women in decision-making boards.

Our Founder

Paul Ole Leitura, a native of the Maasai community in Ololosokwan, Tanzania, is the dedicated founder of Mulika Afrika. Since 2013, he has devoted his life to improving the circumstances of children, women, and youth in need. Drawing on the joy he experiences as a father of two, Paul aims to transform children's lives through health and psychosocial support, restoring their normalcy and happiness after medical interventions. Through Mulika Afrika, he employs teamwork and his extensive expertise to educate, empower, and uplift the Maasai community, building a sustainable and hopeful future.