Tanzania Team

Paul Olderika Leitura

Executive Director
Paul Ole Leitura, a native of the Maasai community in Ololosokwan, Tanzania, is the dedicated founder of Mulika Afrika. Since 2013, he has devoted his life to improving the circumstances of children, women, and youth in need. Drawing on the joy he experiences as a father of two, Paul aims to transform children's lives through health and psychosocial support, restoring their normalcy and happiness after medical interventions. Through Mulika Afrika, he employs teamwork and his extensive expertise to educate, empower, and uplift the Maasai community, building a sustainable and hopeful future.

Amina Anna Semetei Ndiko

Program Lead
Trustworthy, Honest,Self Disciplined, Self Confident, Flexible, Self Motivated, Creative and Innovative, Committed and Hard Working.

International Advisory Board

Bradford Zaki

Throughout my global experience, I have been applying an owned model and a transformational leadership style to revolutionise the hospitality industry. I developed the Harmony Project, employing my vast experience of establishing and rebranding luxury hospitality destinations across East Africa, APAC, and Central America. My goal with this innovative project is to build authentic experiences for clients and employees, leveraging indigenous knowledge and culture, enhancing wellbeing and market differentiation. From steering opening operations to the repositioning processes, my projects have been recognized with numerous awards by important field specialists like UK Telegraph, TripAdvisor, Condé Nast Traveller, among others. My reputation as a results-oriented and innovative professional, improving organizational culture, generating award-winning results globally, is endorsed by my successful career accomplishments.

Douwe Van Oosten

Council Member: portfolios include Society, Education, Living Environment, Economic Affairs, Recreation and Tourism, and Service. Chair of the Audit Committee of Achtkarspelen Municipality. I am also involved in nature conservation, especially in Africa, and have a passion for wildlife. Economy and nature can coexist, contrary to what many believe. However, it requires thinking outside the box. "Think again," the motto of the National Geographic Society, resonates deeply with me. Specialties: Logistics, Enterprise Resource Planning, Purchasing, Project Management, Contract Management. Organisational Change.

Sandi Kay

Sandi K. Shelby boasts a diverse background spanning the entertainment industry, entrepreneurship, and human resources. She has served on the Board of NM Women in Film, owned the AlbuQwirky soap company, and accumulated 15 years of experience as a SAG-AFTRA actress, artist, and filmmaker. Her fervor for storytelling led to the creation of Bad Granny Productions LLC, demonstrating her proficiency in artistic direction and production coordination. Beyond her roles in entertainment, Sandi has established herself as an independent contractor in health insurance and human resources, providing recruitment and benefits solutions through her venture, Sandi K. Shelby LLC. With her varied experiences, she brings a unique perspective to projects and is enthusiastic about collaborating with professionals and organizations dedicated to innovation and excellence.

Patricia Leek

After earning her bachelor's degree in Economics in 2009, Patricia embarked on a multifaceted professional journey. A highlight of her career was in 2017 when she founded a field marketing & events company, which she subsequently sold successfully. Later that year, eager to channel her entrepreneurial spirit into new arenas, she delved into the tech startup sector. Since then, Patricia has been instrumental in helping visionary entrepreneurs establish groundbreaking companies. In 2021, Patricia joined Open Food Chain, a tech-centric Agrifood startup. In her present capacity, she shoulders diverse responsibilities ranging from strategy formulation and expertise in agrifood to managing tech startups, supervising project management, and cultivating strategic partnerships. To learn more about her ongoing endeavors, please visit www.ofc-accelerator.com. Expertise: Strategy | Agrifood | Tech Startups | Project Management | Partnerships.

Maggie Dody


Sonyanga Ole Ngais

With a solid background in media and communication, I excel in crafting dynamic content through videography, photography, and powerful storytelling. As I pursue my Master's in Media and Globalisation, I seamlessly integrate academic insights with hands-on experience, a synergy amplified by my undergraduate degree in Communications Electronic Media. Balancing strategic acumen with raw creativity, I aim to captivate audiences, drive brand growth, and cultivate meaningful connections in our increasingly digital landscape.